Prof. Dr . Gabriel Salazar


Specialist for neurological disorders and Botulinum toxine therapy in Spasticity, funtional ( migraine and algias) and movement disorders also Parkinson disease surgery Deep brain stimulation. Great experince in Neurophysiology EEG and QEEG My success in the Consorci sanitari de Terrassa 1. Botulinum toxin clinic in spasticity, mov disorders and migraine 2. Parkinson disease programme 3. Neuro-rehabilitation unit 4. Ultrasound as a guide in botulinum toxin therapy 5. Creation of a multiple sclerosis unit 6. Creation of a movement disorders unit 7. Parkinson and movement disorders surgery program Consorsi Sanitari de Terrassa 7. New innovative project in visual clue and parkinson's disease 8. Electroencephalografic Lab Research fields -QEEG and neurodegenerative diseases -Parkinsonism and neurophysiology -Parkinson´s disease and other mov disorders surgery -Headache and t¡new therapies -Epilepsy in urgency -Stroke and brainstem reflexes -Spasticity botulinum toxine and ITB -Botulinun Toxine and migraine -Botulinum Toxin and tremor -High intensity Focused ultrasound

250 Euro Conversation Price
  • Current job Medical advisor in Barcelona parkinson/Futurmodul Senior consultant Neurologist at HM hospitales Barcelona, spain
  • Speciality Neurology
  • Experience 20 Years
  • Language English, Spanish,
  • Country Spain