About Us

  • Our Vision

      Konsilmed ... your advice from Germany ...

      Konsilmed is a service with which you can consult the most qualified and best doctors, specialists, consultants and professors of the German health care system with instant messages and direct video calls in all medical specialties.

  • Our Mission

      Konsilmed simply develops an isolated solution for these problems:

      You need medical help now, but without waiting for hours in an emergency or clinic. With one click you come from Germany 🇩🇪 , Switzerland 🇨🇭 , France 🇫🇷 , Spain 🇪🇸 , UK 🇬🇧 , Italy 🇮🇹  and USA  🇺🇸 

      Looking for an excellent advisor in a particular discipline without waiting weeks or months for an appointment. Just write your complaint and you will find the answer and advice in no time.

      You have set a healthy goal and need the best and most competent doctors in the world to ensure your safety

  • Our Values

      Therefore Konsilmed offers thoes services:

      For cases in search of the best and the best in the world, whether professor, consultant or excellent specialist in a specific field, Konsilmed offers you a specialized advisory service, with which you can give a doctor with his certificates, experiences, patient experiences with him, his evaluation, his You can choose the place of work and its exact subject areas.

      The ability to communicate with you live video the same day. And all doctors have the highest certificates of specialization in the country. With Konsilmed you can protect your privacy in conversations, messages and video calls confidentially and completely.

      For all medical cases, chronic, severe and difficult to treat. Whatever your complaint is. Consult us. Find us from moment to moment. We take your hand on the right path.