Consultant Dr. Juan Miguel Rodríguez Roiz MD. PhD UB. FEBOT

Arthroplasty, Total Joint Replacement

I am Dr Juan Miguel Rodriguez Roiz, orthopaedic and trauma surgeon from Barcelona (Spain), my specialization areas are: trauma (fractures, ligaments tears, avulsions, dislocations) and all kind of complications of this, hip and knee surgery, from arthroplasty to scope (meniscal repair, ACL reconstruction, LCM reconstruction).

100 Euro Conversation Price
  • Current job Orthopaedics and trauma surgeon. Quiron Aribau/Quiron Badalona Hospital. Fellow of EBOT 2019. MD. PhD,Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Speciality Arthroplasty, Total Joint Replacement
  • Experience 8 Years
  • Language English, Spanish,
  • Country Spain