Head of Department Dr. Nicolas BONIN, M.D

Arthroplasty, Total Joint Replacement

I am an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip surgery (arthroscopic, reconstructive and prosthetic), qualified and accredited by the H.A.S. (Haute Autorité de Santé) in this area. I belong to the Lyon-Ortho-Clinic group with Dr David Dejour, Guillaume Demey, Didier Guignand, Florent Weppe and Willy Grasset where each takes care of the athlete's pathology, the degenerative and traumatic pathology of a privileged joint. My objectives are to push the frontiers of knowledge in hip pathology and its various treatments, but also to improve surgical techniques to allow rapid and optimal functional recovery. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon, working in the department of Hip arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery in a Private Clinic in Lyon (Lyon Ortho Clinic). I am fully involved in scientific matters in Orthopedics, namely in the area of ​​hip arthroscopy and in anterior approach for hip arthroplasty. I am participating in numerous books and publications. I am a member of all major National and International Orthopedic Scientific Societies. Specialties - Orthopedic Surgery (Hip arthroscopy and arthroplasty) - Management of Outcomes Studies and Evaluation in Orthopedics

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  • Current job Director of Hip & Sports Orthopedic Department in Lyon-Ortho-Clinic, Lyon, France
  • Speciality Arthroplasty, Total Joint Replacement
  • Experience 20 Years
  • Language English, French,
  • Country France