Head of Department Assis. Prof. Dr. Berardino De Bari

Radiation Oncology

Dr. Berardino de Bari, M.D., Ph.D., is the Head of Department of Radio-oncology at the Réseau Hospitalier Neuchâtelois, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland And Assistant Professor at University of Lausanne (UniL), Switzerland. His areas of interest are focused on digestive, thoracic, urological, soft tissue and hematological cancers. More specifically, he is involved in the application of machine learning techniques for the definition of prognostic and predictive factors of response and toxicity for digestive and prostate cancers, in the development of stereotaxic RT and "dose escalation" for digestive cancer, and in the analysis of helical RT results for anorectal digestive cancer.

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  • Current job Head of the Radiation Oncology Dept, Réseau Hospitalier Neuchâtelois, Switzerland.
  • Speciality Radiation Oncology
  • Experience 18 Years
  • Language English, French, Italian,
  • Country Switzerland