Prof. Dr . Ashraf El-Meanawy, MD, MS, PhD, FASN


I am an academic physician and scientist. I considered my self to be visionary with insights that covers, medicine, science, and business. I am a serving leader and priorities and divide my attention to all aspects of operation. I am Director of Dialysis at Medical College of Wisconsin. My Research Interests: Clinical research in kidney disease and Developmental biology, intrauterine and perinatal control of kidney development including environmental exposure which is likely to be major contributor to the emerging epidemic of chronic kidney disease in the world. This epidemic has be given different names; meso-American nephropathy and CKDu (chronic kidney disease of unknown origin). The current theory of dehydration due to work under hot weather condition is not sufficient to explain and is negated by the 1 BILLION controls who get dehydrated for 30 days each year without developing kidney disease. I also focus on Renal fellows education and mentoring. Innovation and support of other faculty. Mentoring Junior faculty. My diverse training provides me with knowledge and ability to always think critically. I learn from expertise of my peers locally, nationally, and internationally. I strongly believe that collaboration is critical for the common good

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  • Current job Professor of Medicine, Nephrologist and Director of Dialysis at Medical College of Wisconsin at Medical College of Wisconsin, United States
  • Speciality Nephrology
  • Experience 30 Years
  • Language العربية, English,
  • Country United States