Assistant Prof. Dr . Arnaud DEVEZE, MD, PhD

Otorhinolaryngology and Skull Base Surgery

Surgeon, Ear and Skull Base Institute, Clairval Private Hospital, RGDS Group, Marseille, France Director of Research, Biomechanics of the Auditory System Experimental Platform, Laboratory of Applied Biomechanism, IFSTTAR UMR T24, Faculty Of Medicine, Marseille, France. Consultant & Surgeon, Otologica Consulting, Teaching and surgical support. Former Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology and Skull Base Surgery, Marseille, France Topics of Interest • Endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery of the CP angle and the skull base. • Otology and neuro-otology: Tretament of Deafness, dizziness and vertigo, facial nerve palsy; Hemifacial spasm and neurovascular conflicts. • Auditory implants: middle ear, cochlear and brainstem implantations. • Skull base surgery: Acoustic schwannomas, Paragangliomas, and others CPA and skull base tumors. Anterior skull base surgery through endoscopic approach. • Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery: facial palsy rehabilitation. • Teaching in otology, otoneurology and skull base surgery

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  • Current job Senior Consultant and Associate Professor in Otolaryngology Otology & Skull Base Surgery. Marseille, France
  • Speciality Otorhinolaryngology and Skull Base Surgery
  • Experience 20 Years
  • Language English, French,
  • Country France